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What is this?

This is a calculator for computing the correct feeds and speeds (RPM and IPM) for milling machines. It differs from other online calculators because it is an OPTIMIZING calculator -- each parameter has a range from minimum to maximum. The calcuator searches for the best cut (maximizing MRR) while keeping all parameters within the range you specify. This is a unique feature among milling calculators, no other calculator gives you this much control over your cut!

The calculator also includes many features not available from other calcuators: radial & axial chip thinning, computing speedups for HSM paths, shank diameter, stickout, torque limits, deflection limits, axial & radial force limits, etc. These features are often offered as separate 'wizards' on other calculators, but they are built into and optimized along with all other parameters in this calculator.

Beginners - READ ME

Most CAM software does not generate toolpaths with "constant tool engagement". If you blindly use the data from this (or any!) calculator you will break end mills. Until you become more familiar with the intricacies of CAM programming, follow these simple rules:

How to use this calculator:

What do the colors mean?

What are all these acronyms?

Can you walk me through an example?

Sure! [NOTE: This was for an older version of the calculator without the optimizer] Ok! Those are my parameters; I only had to find one value by measuring the stickout. Making the test cut... Back to the Calculator! So there you have it - how I used this calculator to pick the feeds & speeds for a new cutting tool!
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